Why Rent from Bulldog Boiler?

Providing Boiler Services out of  Metro Detroit, Michigan Since 1908

Through many years of experience Bulldog Boiler Rentals out of the metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan has climbed and continued to remain one of the top suppliers for industrial boiler rental units in its class. Providing emergency steam temporarily for industrial process, environmental cleanup,  commercial heating, as well as for other  creative uses throughout  Metro Detroit, Michigan and surrounding states  such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Shelbyville, Indiana, Wisconsin. On the west coast to New York, Buffalo New York, Washington DC., as far as Las. Vegas, Nevada, Houston Texas.   Our mobile steam rooms have been designed with the highest quality of efficiency available in mobile steam boiler technology. Your business operations cannot be jeopardized by temporary boiler rental equipment or emergency boiler service support that is anything less than the best. Detroit, Michigans' Bulldog Boiler emergency boiler rentals have been providing honest and reliable emergency mobile boiler equipment and service to industries for more than a century. Bulldogs boiler rental equipment continues to make a difference in steam boiler plant systems for some of the leading industries, keeping this area running smoothly for their companies. While the newest technology for boiler fuel efficiency and lowering emissions are always in demand, Bulldog knows boiler and plant safety cannot be compromised.

Trusted vendor for Nuclear Power plants

One of the biggest accomplishments over the years has been in our gaining access authorization to and becoming and remaining the trusted vendor for Nuclear Power Facilities for more than 27 years. There is nothing more aggressive than the extensive background check for which there are set requirements in place that all nuclear power plants must be in compliance with. They have specific procedures and regulations to follow in their program and will have to finalize their decision in your being trusted and reliable based upon that investigation. Regular Safety Training is also part of the ongoing qualification process for the continued access authorization in being able to work on the grounds of a Nuclear Power Facility.

Boiler Rental Services

Whether it be an immediate boiler emergency, or planned temporary boiler outage, look to Bulldog Boilers' 24/7 emergency boiler service. Bulldog Boiler provides highly efficient mobile steam boilers and boiler rental equipment during temporary steam outages. Read More...

Emergency Boiler Rentals

Emergency mobile boiler rental is a non-standard and expensive way of obtaining needed steam. While price is often secondary during a boiler emergency, you can be assured that part of Bulldogs boiler rental business ethic is in fair dealing. Not only do we offer highly efficient  steam boilers with lower emissions to the environment, customers can also see a significant savings on their fuel bills.

With every cost in its appropriate slot and where every charge can easily be accounted for, our proposals are easy to interpret. After the first month’s rent, you only pay for the days the steam boiler rental equipment is on your site and not a full calendar month, as is customary with other emergency boiler rental companies.

Bulldogs  boiler rental agreement describes the situations that will result in chargeable and non-chargeable boiler emergency service calls. We believe we make a fair allocation of these in service charges. Because of the Bulldog Boiler ISO Quality program, the customer’s need for service support is expected to be less than with other boiler rental companies.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the end product of the Bulldog boiler rental Quality Program. We will provide you with a list of customers that have used the type of boiler rental equipment you are considering. You can speak with the plant engineer, boiler supervisor, or administrative staff of any of our customers. Our responsiveness during prior boiler rentals is rewarded through these customer endorsements. When Murphy's Law visits your project, find out from real customers the meaning of the Bulldog advantage.

You can see what customers are saying about us in our Customer Testimonials section.

Boiler Monitoring Service

We provide our customers with real time REMOTE MONITORING on the job site and home as well.

Additional Speciality Products

Our electric modulating Feed Water System, SHADOW, can provide customers many benefits. Click Here to learn more.