FAQ – Frequently Asked Boiler Questions

To any manufacturing company depending on steam or process hot water, or operation of equipment to any building owner, the failure of the boiler is nothing short of a disaster. Production can be shut down, a building can go unheated for days or weeks while the boiler is being repaired or replaced.

When this occurs, Bulldog Boiler can help:

“Turn to Bulldog Boiler for temporary equipment rentals and mobile steam systems during an emergency.”

  • We can dispatch one of our mobile boiler rooms to your location Within 24-48 hours after your call.
  • Our headquarters are in the Detroit, Michigan area, and our main area of service is Ontario to Nova Scotia Canada, and in the United States the Midwest to the East and South Coast.

At the scene, temporary piping connections are quickly run into the building and coupled into the existing system. The mobile boiler room is then hooked into your own electrical supply. Within hours your process is back to normal and continues as long as it takes to repair or replace your existing equipment.

  • Bulldog assists customers with their planned shut-down. Where their power house personnel plan yearly maintenance and inspections of their equipment and we can provide the steam or hot water to continue the required heating requirement so production can continue.
  • Bulldog can also assist customers where  an Emergency Contingency Plan is required for continuation of their production needs.

Common questions and their answers on boiler rental

  1. Who provides the insurance?

    Generally your boiler insurance policy and general liability insurance will automatically pick up the risk. Have your agent put a rider on the mobile rental unit you have chosenand fax a copy to Bulldog Boiler Rentals.

  2. Who pays the freight?

    This is the customer’s financial responsibility, Bulldog Boiler will arrange for third-party delivery. Customer pays the shipping charge from the storage location to the plant site and return.

  3. Who supplies the gas regulator?

    The rental unit comes with a gas regulator which is usually sufficient for the job. The customer needs to verify the pressures and flow rate that is available.

  4. Are smokestacks required?

    Rental units come with short stacks. This is usually all that is required.

  5. Who provides the hook up?

    The customer should retain a licensed company to perform the tie in. Rental units must first be leveled and shored up before any tie-ins are performed. Bulldog Boiler Rentals will help to size the service lines. Many times Bulldog Boiler can be your licensed installation company.

  6. Who provides start-up service?

    Bulldog Boiler provides this service at an additional charge.

  7. What about fuel, power and water?

    These are supplied by the customer.

  8. What about feed water treatment?

    Normal boiler feed water treatment which is regularly used at the plant site may be suitable for the rental boiler. Removal of any scale that might develop during the operation is the responsibility of lessee.